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EUFCC match no.5489
ContendersSwansea City versus Manchester City
DateSaturday 24 September 2016
VenueLiberty Stadium, Swansea
CompetitionFA Premier League
Last EUFCC meeting

Match no. 5488

Swansea City 1-2 Manchester City

21 September 2016

Liberty Stadium, Swansea

EUFCC head-to-head

Manchester City wins - 2

Swansea City wins - 0

Draws - 0


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Match number5488
OpponentsSwansea City versus Manchester City
CompetitionEFL Cup 3rd round
Date of gameWednesday 21 September 2016
VenueLiberty Stadium, Swansea
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Ever since finding a copy of 'Football League Records 1889 to present' (published by Collins in 1978) in my local library at the tender age of 10 years old, I've always been interested in the ups and downs of football clubs and the history of the English and Scottish clubs. This was compounded with finding publications of the 'Guinness Book of Soccer Facts and Feats' in the local libraries:




...and since then it has always a burning ambition to have some sort of publication and now an internet site where interesting facts could be found.


Since the Unofficial World Football Champions was reviewed in FourFourTwo magazine in 2004 the aim was to start a new website with the results of a whole bunch of research which I'd done on the unofficial club champions - both the world and English version. The full results are still being obtained - the world version is now in 1966 with the English version up to the present day.


You'll also find the full records of all the English Football League clubs and some of the Scottish League clubs as well.


Over time, the website will continue to expand - if you've got any comments, please feed free to e-mail me at


Hope you enjoy browsing through!